Bar Refaeli Poses For Two Sexy New Arrow Shirt Ads

Bar Refaeli lets a little skin peek through in a couple of sexy new ads for Arrow Shirts, proving that a beautiful woman in a men’s dress shirt easily raises temperatures. She posted the new spots on her Twitter page and also shared the Arrow spotlight with Transformers: Dark Of The Moon star Josh Duhamel in one of the promos.

“@joshduhamel and me in the new ARROW campaign…. that was a good day! Josh is so much fun!” She Tweeted.

The supermodel recently stopped by A-1 Records in New York City’s East Village to check out some classic vinyl and share her musical tastes in a new video titled “Let The Needle Drop” for Life + Times.

And just what kind of music makes someone naturally beautiful feel sexy?

“When I’m working, I usually put a lot of sexy music on,” she says. “So Rihanna, Beyonce – anything that makes me wanna move, you know – when I wanna feel sexier in a shoot… Those are the top two sexy women in the world.”

But the star’s musical tastes run much deeper than that. She reveals that her “favorites” include Al Green, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson (“for sure”); and since her dad is a cowboy (believe that!), “I listen to a lot of country music with him,” she says.

But there is one group in her past that still makes her blush – although it’s more of an embarrassed blush than the ‘fawning over cute boys’ blushes she went through when she was 12.

“The Hanson brothers,” she coyly admits. “All the three.”

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