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Watch Live Frecuencia latina en vivo logoFrecuencia Latina Frecuencia latina en vivo (formerly Frecuencia 2), better known as Channel 2, is a Peruvian television network. The network was founded on May 31, 1962 by the Cavero Family Group who turned the station into a network filled with musical programs and variety shows. Low ratings and financial problems led the Cavero Group to sell the station to a Spanish holding company (Movie Records) in the mid-1960s. The new station was renamed Teledos. Unfortunately, Teledos never achieved enough popularity to stay on the air. The competitor is America Television. The political turmoil in Peru during the 1970s and a bankruptcy crisis marked the end of the station for a decade.After the restoration of freedom of the press among other civil rights in Peru following the brutal and repressive regime of Juan Velasco Alvarado in the 1970s, Channel 2 was back on the air in 1982 when Winter Group bought the station and turned it into one of the first Peruvian networks to broadcast live and in color. On January 23, 1983, the new network was renamed Frecuencia 2 (Frequency 2) and kept that name until 1995, when it was finally renamed Frecuencia Latina.

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