HK Model Jessica C. laden HK$600 Stealing Scandal – Jessica C. laden is making headline due to stealing the money which is about $600 Hong Kong.According to the Hong Kong media sources, a woman forgot her money at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Tsim Sha Tsui, which was stolen by the busty Hong Kong model Jessica Cambensy.The model tried her best to hide herself from the eyes of the people while stoling the $98US—but she could not hide herself from the eye of the camera of the bank.

When the forgetful woman thought that she has forgotten her ATM, she came back there but could not find her ATM. That woman imidiately contacted with police and told all the incident.After the investigation of police, it was proved that the same ATM was used by the Hong Kong model Jessica Cambensy who is still facing her leaked cell phone racy photos.

Police started investigation from the 23-years old model in the police station. The investigation continued abouth four hours. Later, she was out on bail.Just a few hours ago, there are some racy photos and video of the model which is also circulating in the Web. There are about thirteen racy photos of Jessica Cambensy the which were leaked from her cell phone.The photo shows oral on bedroom with unknown man. According to the Yahoo Singapore, the American boyfriend of the Jessica took the photos in Chicago. According to her boyfriend, the leaked photos were taken in 2009.

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